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Putidub (Philip James de Vries Remix) – Philip James de Vries

(Philip James de Vries Remix)

  • Jelle Kuipers
  • Philip James de Vries
  • Gitchell Moore

February 22, 2016


Temparc Music


1. Dracht
2. Gezellig
3. Lejeans
4. Putidub
5. Dracht (Gitchell Moore Remix)
6. Putidub (Philip James de Vries Remix)

Spangen is the first EP I released on my label Temparc Music. This EP is by a wonderfully talented young man from the Netherlands named Jelle Kuipers, who makes beautiful, atmospheric electronic music.

I was honoured when Jelle asked me if I’d like to remix one of the tracks on this EP, so I ended up remixing his lovely, wobbly-synth driven track “Putidub”.

I used the main synth motif heavily in my remix, but I tried to produce a different melodic narrative than Jelle’s original.

This EP is the first of many excellent releases from great artists I will be working with on Temparc.

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