Perceived Self

True Self


I’ve been releasing music since 2012 on a variety of labels including Wide Angle Recordings, Traum Schallplatten, Strange Town Recordings, Shabu Recordings, and many others. To date, I’ve released a full-length album, several EPs, and a number of remixes. I recently revived my netlabel Temparc Music in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

I have completed another full-length album called Liberation From Excess, inspired by Niko Paech’s essay of the same name, which I plan to release soon on Temparc Music.


I was a music writer for Exclaim! Magazine in Canada from 2011-2014, and also a regular contributor to digital music blog/magazine from 2010-2013.

Web Development

I have been a full-stack web developer & designer since 2015, and up until recently ran my own web development company, Temparc Web. I work with a variety of technologies, but am currently a fan of Laravel and Vue.