2023 Cannonball 300 bikepacking route in Brantford, Ontario, Canada

My Bike Touring Setup (2023)

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As 2023 comes to an end, so does my season of cycling in Canada. 2023 saw some major upgrades to my touring setup, and although I was not able to tour as much as I had hoped, I was still able to get out for a few multi-day bike trips.

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  1. My Bike Touring Setup (2021)
  2. My Bike Touring Setup (2022)
  3. My Bike Touring Setup (2023) (current)

The Bike

In early 2023, I upgraded my touring bike, which was a major change to my setup. I purchased a brand new new bike for the first time in my life at age 34, and it was a good decision. The bike I picked up is a 2021 Jamis Renegade S3, which I have reviewed extensively here, now that I’ve put a significant number of kilometres on it.

  • 2021 Jamis Renegade S3
    • Tires: 38 x 700c Panaracer Gravel King SS (tubeless)
Jamis Renegade S3 fully loaded with touring bags
My 2023 touring setup – mostly the same bags, except with the addition of a front rack and Thule 13L front panniers, and I swapped from a hammock to a North Face tent. I also did a couple trips with Panaracer’s Pasela tires, which are cheap and totally adequate for touring.

Gear List

Bags & Accessories

  • Roswheel 3-in-1 saddle bags
  • Roswheel front rack
  • Rockbros phone case and handlebar bag
  • Thule 13L panniers
  • 3x 750ml water bottles

Camping Gear & Clothing

  • North Face Stormbreak 2 tent
  • MEC -5C rated sleeping bag
  • MEC inflatable pillow
  • Amazon no-name inflatable sleeping pad
  • Bear spray (thankfully I did not have to use this)
  • Compact butane stove set, aluminum pots, spork
  • Patagonia rain jacket
  • Lightweight pants
  • Extra socks (2x)
  • 2x Pearl Izumi Bike Shorts
  • Bontrager SPD cycling shoes
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Travel soap/shampoo


  • Solar-rechargeable power bank
  • Cell phone
  • Rechargeable LED front and rear lights
  • Bike computer (Coospo BC107 mostly, but switched to a Garmin Edge 530 halfway through the season for navigation)
  • Heart rate monitor

Tools & Spare Parts

  • 1x inner tube
  • Topeak bike multi-tool set
  • Tire patch kit, levers
  • Mini tire pump
My 2023 touring bike setup mid-trip in Goderich, Ontario, Canada.
My 2023 touring setup mid-trip in Goderich, Ontario, Canada.

Overall Review of this Setup

My 2023 touring setup is by far the best I’ve had so far. The Jamis Renegade S3 was a huge upgrade from riding my Giant Rapid 3 hybrid bike as a tourer, and is much faster and more comfortable.

Ride Quality

The Jamis Renegade S3 is a steel-framed bike. In my opinion, steel is the best material for a touring or bikepacking bike. The level of comfort compared to the aluminum frame of my Giant Rapid is much higher, and the bike feels much more stable when loaded.

Geometry & Seat Position

The Renegade S3 is a more aggressively positioned, drop-bar bike compared to the hybrid commuter bike I used in previous years. I have actually found the S3 much more comfortable for long-distance riding. With my saddle more forwards on the S3 and the seat height adjusted properly. I did not experience any of the knee pain I experienced in previous years while using a hybrid bike, which positions the rider more upright.


I made the switch to clipless in 2023. On my touring setup, I ran Shimano SPD pedals and Bontrager MTB shoes. I think this is my preference for long-distance touring; clipless improves my speed and comfort level on the bike, and using a MTB shoe allows me to walk around off the bike without clip-clopping around uncomfortably like a horse.

Items I Wished I Had

  • None, I finally have my setup for touring dialed in.

Items I Wished I Left at Home

  • A third water bottle; I was never so far away from civilization that carrying a third 750ml bottle added unnecessary weight to my setup.
This post is part of a series:
  1. My Bike Touring Setup (2021)
  2. My Bike Touring Setup (2022)
  3. My Bike Touring Setup (2023) (current)
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