News | July 21, 2024

The Intercept

A Well-Connected Veteran’s Congressional Campaign Is Fueled by Out-of-State Donors

The ICJ Ruling Confirms What Palestinians Have Been Saying for 57 Years

Trump, Vance, and the New Right at the RNC 

The List of Conservative Groups Abandoning Project 2025 Keeps Growing

LA City Council Considers Paying Former IDF Soldiers to Patrol Its Streets

I Watched Groypers Descend on Detroit — Where They Were No Longer Pariahs Among Mainstream Republicans


The 12 Games We're Still Most Looking Forward to in 2024 (and Beyond)

Omega’s AI Will Map How Olympic Athletes Win

Dyson Has New Headphones That Don’t Cover Your Mouth This Time

Sonos Roam 2 Review: Still the Best Sonos Bluetooth Speaker

Enough With the Arrogant Attitudes Towards Extreme Heat

All the Top New Features Coming to MacOS Sequoia

Hacker News

Minuteman missile communications

Initial details about why CrowdStrike's CSAgent.sys crashed

A Linux kernel syscall implementation tracker

Large models of what? Mistaking engineering achievements for linguistic agency

Intel vs. Samsung vs. TSMC

10% of Cubans left Cuba between 2022 and 2023

Le Monde

Assemblée nationale : le camp Macron ne détient plus aucun des postes-clés sur le budget

Mégabassines : entre défilé festif et black blocs, une journée de manifestations sous haute tension à La Rochelle

Au Yémen, un bombardement de l’armée israélienne dans la ville de Hodeïda fait trois morts, après un raid de drone à Tel-Aviv

Etats-Unis : Donald Trump en meeting avec J.D. Vance, une semaine après la tentative d’assassinat dont il a été victime

Paris 2024 : à bord de l’« Aranui 5 », le village olympique des surfeurs, près de Teahupoo

Et Jean-Luc Azoulay créa AB Productions


Usha Vance, wife of Donald Trump’s VP pick, was once a Democrat

Donald Trump tries to be both unifier and pugilist in his convention speech

Why MAGA is the future, not just present, of the GOP

Calling Donald Trump a threat to the rule of law has backfired

The Trump shooting has made a mockery of the Secret Service

Bob Menendez is found guilty of corruption

Low Tech Magazine (Solar)

How to Escape From the Iron Age?

How to Build a Small Solar Power System

Thematic Book Series: Heating People, not Spaces


Why Is the US Still Backing Israeli Genocide?

How the Stauffenberg Plot Became an Alibi for German Crimes

Israeli Settlers Believe Their Moment Has Come

The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Universities

The GOP Presented a Racially Diverse Party at the RNC

The Rich Are Pushing Right-Wing Tax Education in Schools

Briar Patch

We feast

Doorstep to doorstep

Leaving home: Ekhaya

Ila al watan / To the land

Are you North or South Korean?

The little ones are watching

The Tyee

How One Boy’s Death Could Change Child Welfare in BC

How Tom Thomson’s Paintings Stop Time in Its Tracks

A Housing Hub That Brings History Forward with Heart

Patrick Condon Says This Is Why Housing Costs Are So High

Houston, You Have a Problem. And So Do We

Alberta’s COVID Legacy: Anti-science Fever and Deep Distrust