News | March 4, 2024

The Intercept

Signal’s New Usernames Help Keep the Cops Out of Your Messages

Wolf Blitzer Cut His Teeth Doing Journalism for AIPAC-Linked Propaganda Outlets

How Israel Quietly Crushed Early American Jewish Dissent on Palestine

Federal Probes, Sick Animals, and Fed-Up Vets: The Miami Seaquarium Is on the Brink of Collapse

Biden Is Bankrolling Israel’s War Amid Growing Financial Hardship at Home

In Internal Meeting, Christiane Amanpour Confronts CNN Brass About “Double Standards” on Israel Coverage


Why Tech Job Interviews Became Such a Nightmare

Less Sea Ice Means More Arctic Trees—Which Means Trouble

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Microsoft-Powered Chatbot Just Disappeared

It's Not Easy Running a Geeky Business

The Biden Campaign Fills Out Its Digital Team Ahead of Super Tuesday

LinkedIn Tells People if You Look at Their Profile. Here's How to Turn That Off

Hacker News

French Court Issues Damages Award for Violation of GPL

Mercury – Compiler optimized, private Firefox fork

Motion blur all the way down (2022)

Twenty Years Is Nothing

CSS for printing to paper

A woman named "Steve" – IT pioneer, entrepreneur, philanthropist (2019)

Le Monde

Guerre Israël-Hamas : à Rafah, les Gazaouis tentent de survivre sous la menace des attaques

IVG dans la Constitution : du texte de LFI au « souhait » de Macron, un parcours de dix-huit mois au Parlement

En direct, guerre en Ukraine : le Kremlin dénonce « l’implication directe » de l’Occident en Ukraine après la fuite d’échanges entre officiers allemands

La Commission européenne dévoile une ambitieuse stratégie pour l’industrie de défense

L’Arabie saoudite s’endette pour financer ses mégaprojets

« Finances publiques : les solutions proposées par Marine Le Pen conduisent à une impasse »


Checks and Balance newsletter: Mitch McConnell’s legacy

Does Joe Biden’s re-election campaign have a Gaza problem?

A millennial is building America’s first nickel-cobalt refinery

Vladimir Putin hardly needs to interfere in American democracy

IVF is a slam-dunk issue for Democrats. Abortion may not be

Is Google’s Gemini chatbot woke by accident, or by design?

Low Tech Magazine (Solar)

How to Build a Small Solar Power System

Thematic Book Series: Heating People, not Spaces

Test our Bike Generators in Paris, Rotterdam, and Barcelona


Mayoral Hopeful Flo Cofer Envisions a Democratic Sacramento

The Vatican’s History of Vicious Anti-Communism

Itamar Moses’s The Ally Is an Exercise in Liberal Ambivalence

Rossana Rossanda Upheld the Best Traditions of Italy’s Left

Salvadorans Have Traded Their Rights for Uncertain Security

The US War on Yemen Is an Exercise in Futility

Briar Patch

Anti-hate: the new face of political policing

How we kicked cops out of school

Black womb: genderless

Move as a collective

Making space for Afro-Indigenous community

Building revolutionary communities

The Tyee

The Coroner Called Them Overdoses. What Really Happened?

‘500 Days in the Wild’ Is a Magnificent Quest

One Man’s March to Beat Poilievre in His Own Riding

Hydro Power’s Conundrum: Rising Demand in a Drier Climate

Brace Yourselves. Alberta’s Budget Roller-coaster Is on the Move

After a Vancouver Death, Union Wants Faster Action on Crane Safety