(Philip James de Vries Remix)

Mattheis, Philip James de Vries, Fairmont


Shabu Recordings


May 06, 2013

Techno/Progressive House

“We would play this EP in our car for an entire summer, harass our friends to listen to it while driving somewhere and frequently getting approvals out of them. Now, how can we describe Mattheis – Anestun? Hmmmm. Think of it as some sort of a rave-party-done-well

Artificial Vividity start slowly and hypnotizes you with its melodies. The moment you think you’ve got the essential of the track, BAM! It hooks you up right away with its bassline. But wait! It’ just a teaser! Unknown1 slows down the tempo a bit but keeps the previously acquired groove from Artificial Vividity while going into the depths of your mind. It is filled with obvious 80s references, but this will make you daydream about riding a hot red car with a mustached undercover cop under a hot sun, while moving your sweaty body across the dancefloor, dodging all the purses and broken beer bottles on the ground. As for Unknown2, it can only be described in one word:


This is pretty much self-explanatory.

As for the remixes, we welcome not one but two Canadian artists to revamp the originals: Fairmont and Philip James De Vries. Fairmont’s take on Unknown1 focuses on its depth and adds extra grooviness, while Philip James retransforms Unknown2 into what we could qualify as “slow trance”. But please, we don’t mean “trance” as the genre, but mostly as something that slowly grows on you and at one particular moment brings you in a total state of trance.”

-Axel Helios, Shabu Recordings