Just Like Haze // Snow Pillows

Philip James de Vries

Just Like Haze // Snow Pillows

Wide Angle Recordings


August 21, 2012


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“Just Like Haze” and “Snow Pillows” are the first two tracks I ever released with a label, which for this particular release was Wide Angle Recordings, who I’ve now worked with extensively over the years.

These two tracks were recorded in an apartment in Guelph, Ontario, when I was 22 years old during a transitory period of summer vacation and unemployment during my final year of university.

“Just Like Haze” was inspired by the life and death of a plant that was living in my apartment at the time, and “Snow Pillows” is fairly self-explanatory.

You can read more about this release and find links to buy it on the Wide Angle Recordings website.