(Philip James de Vries Remix)

Jelle Kuipers, Philip James de Vries, Gitchell Moore


Temparc Music


February 22, 2016

Melodic Techno/Downtempo

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Spangen is the first EP I released on my label Temparc Music. This EP is by a wonderfully talented young man from the Netherlands named Jelle Kuipers, who makes beautiful, atmospheric electronic music.

I was honoured when Jelle asked me if I’d like to remix one of the tracks on this EP, so I ended up remixing his lovely, wobbly-synth driven track “Putidub”.

I used the main synth motif heavily in my remix, but I tried to produce a different melodic narrative than Jelle’s original.

This EP is the first of many excellent releases from great artists I will be working with on Temparc.