This Month Only

Philip James de Vries, Michael A, Futur-E

This Month Only

Strange Town Recordings


November 30, 2015

Melodic Techno

“Based in Toronto and one of the core artists on Wide Angle Recordings Phil has carved out a unique place in electronic music. His contemporary sound has a wonderful timeless vibe about it and crosses over nicely into techno territories as well. His latest and also debut for Strange Town promises to be his best yet and includes remixes from Futur-E and Michael A.

If you follow Phil’s music you know he’s equally adept at creating beautiful, melodic creations as he is warped and druggy motifs. On ‘This Month Only’ you actually get the best of both worlds. Anchored by a grungy, shifting wall of sub bass, a vocal story board begins to develop, and I have to say it’s incredibly compelling, with an off-set gender, almost choir like appeal. It carries the track with ease to a dramatic break as an underbelly of acid builds a sizeable amount of tension, before setting up a wonderful third act of soaring synths, making for an epic yet moderately twisted conclusion. However you take it, this is really unique and contemporary sounding electronic music and worth several listens to truly appreciate. Wonderful stuff from Philip.”

-Mitch Alexander, microCastle/Change Underground

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