View this site: http://spellingbee.ca

SpellingBee.ca is a small, custom PHP portfolio site. The site is designed to showcase the work of graphic design agency SpellingBee, who is based in Toronto.

This site is totally custom, from the CSS to lightbox effects and AJAX image optimization calls, and also consists of a separate mobile PHP site, which is a much slimmer version of the desktop site optimized for mobile loading. This site also consists of a jQuery plugin that I created that synchronizes the user’s scroll position with a letter on the alphabetic menu of the sidebar. Once the user reaches the position of the project name that corresponds to the letter on the sidebar, the site magnifies the letter to indicate the user’s scroll position.

The site parses it’s data from a static array that can easily be substituted for a database should the client choose to make the upgrade in the future.

I built, tested, and deployed this site in December, 2016 as a part of a contract for a Toronto agency called Certo Creative; the design was however created courtesy of Certo and not myself.